Google Says Your iPhone Causing Neck Pain!

Is your iPhone a pain in your neck? Yeah, mine too. A few searches on Google Trends shows that shortly after the iPhone came out in 2007 searches for “Neck Pain” went up 100%…

Google Trend iPhone And Neck Pain google-search-neck-pain-iphone


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Gas Inlet Elbow Orings For A KTM 450 EXC

My KTM450exc was leaking gas from the gas inlet elbow. I took the elbow off by loosening the screw underneath the elbow. The elbow has 3 orings on it.

Finding information was tough on both forums and google.

Here is what I found via mostly…

  • The carb is an FCR so the parts are mostly the same on all bikes.
  • It cost about $75 to buy a kit that has the orings I need. That’s not gonna happen.
  • This page mentions that 1.3 x 6.3mm orings will work for the gas inlet elbow.
  • You can get reasonably priced orings at this online oring store.
  • This page shows what Oring materials work well with gas. If that link breaks look for “Fluid Compatibility Chart”

I will order and update this page to verify all this works as planned.

Update 1 – 8/21/2015:

I ordered the following…

2 x 1.3mm X 6.3mm Metric O-ring – Buna-N 70

1 x 1mm X 6mm V75 Viton O-ring Black

  • 1x6mm is probably too small but it is Vitron which everyone has been recommending.
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Beer And The Art Of 2004 KTM 450 EXC Motorcycle Maintenance

20004 KTM450 exc

My 2004 KTM 450 exc has been feeling the wrath of my wrench.

I’m a busy guy who is waiting for electric motorcycle technology to mature enough to not be too early of an adopter. So I figured buying a well maintained used bike was the way to get me through a year or two.

Last fall I found what I thought was that bike.

Turns out it was anything but well maintained. Over the winter I’ve been working on my basket case 450 exc doing everything from changing wheel bearings to replacing the swing arm to replacing the fork seals.

I’m going to be documenting a few things I learned in upcoming posts. If you pick up a 2004 KTM 450 exc I’m hoping what I post will help you save some time wrenching.

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2011 Ride For Research Was A Blast!

Mike, Josh, Me and Craig after the first hero section.

Josh, Mike, Craig and I had a great time riding the 2011 Ride For Research in Wabeno, WI. Thank you to everyone who donated! Several folks from the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center in Madison spoke to the group before the ride thanking us. Another young lady smarter than the four of us combined stopped by to talk to us at lunch.

She explained some of the early cancer detection technology she and the group were working on as well as more humane ways to treat the disease. In her words, Chemotheropy is “barbaric”. They are working on ways to stop the disease without poisoning the patient.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know your donations seem to be going to a worthy bunch.

Fueled by the knowledge we were promoting a good cause we tore off into the beautiful forests of Nicolet. There were some slimey, root and rock filled single track trails and plenty of gravel roads. We did some steam crossings, logs, deap sand and rolling trails of black dirt. Believe it or not there were no major diggers or mechanical failures.

You can see the pictures from the ride here. I attached some of Craig, Josh, Mike and myself below. I lifted a few from

Thanks again for the donations!

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My Ride For Research June 7 2011

Me and the guys on last years ride.

This weekend I will be riding in the Ride For Research dual sport ride in Northern Wisconsin with some of my good friends. It is bound to be a weekend full of debauchery, great riding and the usual mechanical failures.

Who’s Riding?
Craig Zimmerman
Josh Vandebogert
Mike Robbins
John Adamo

For Research

The “…For Research” part of the ride is to raise money for Cancer research. The tragic fact is we have all been affected by it or will be eventually. I’ll be thinking of my Mom who died of breast cancer after a heroic, decade long fight. She “beat cancer” multiple times as it spread over the years but in the end even the strongest seem to loose this fight.

Care to donate?

The Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders goal is to raise $18,000. If you are due for a donation to cancer research please consider htting my paypal account below with a buck or two or whatever you want. I won’t judge, I’m sure everyone does plenty of donating through the course of the year. Thanks in advance!!

In return I will post up some details from the ride and who breaks down first. 😀 Some deal huh? I gotta work on closing. 😀

More information on where the donation $ will go can be found here and found here.

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