My Ride For Research June 7 2011

Me and the guys on last years ride.

This weekend I will be riding in the Ride For Research dual sport ride in Northern Wisconsin with some of my good friends. It is bound to be a weekend full of debauchery, great riding and the usual mechanical failures.

Who’s Riding?
Craig Zimmerman
Josh Vandebogert
Mike Robbins
John Adamo

For Research

The “…For Research” part of the ride is to raise money for Cancer research. The tragic fact is we have all been affected by it or will be eventually. I’ll be thinking of my Mom who died of breast cancer after a heroic, decade long fight. She “beat cancer” multiple times as it spread over the years but in the end even the strongest seem to loose this fight.

Care to donate?

The Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders goal is to raise $18,000. If you are due for a donation to cancer research please consider htting my paypal account below with a buck or two or whatever you want. I won’t judge, I’m sure everyone does plenty of donating through the course of the year. Thanks in advance!!

In return I will post up some details from the ride and who breaks down first. 😀 Some deal huh? I gotta work on closing. 😀

More information on where the donation $ will go can be found here and found here.

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4 Responses to My Ride For Research June 7 2011

  1. Zimmerripper says:

    That sounds like a silly good time! Is that an Aprilia enduro?! That’s probably the coolest thing i’ve ever seen and i’m not just saying that cuz i’m locked in my parents basement watching the asbestos sweat. We should all donate HUGE $$ to this cause and amazingly rad bunch of riders!

  2. John Adamo says:

    Yeah, we promise we won’t spend it on fixing the Aprilia when the oil leak gets worse. Thanks man!!

  3. Richard Adamo says:

    Thank you John and to all of you doing the Ride for Research. It means a lot as you can well imagine. Enjoy the ride, I know your Mom will be there along with you all. You know how much she liked northern Wisconsin. 🙂 Betsy’s memory and incredible spirit lives in our hearts. I see her smile and kindness in the every day. Her memory warms my heart and sustains me each day.

    • John Adamo says:

      Thanks dad!

      Josh’s cabin is full of wooden loons and they have a nun cookie jar. “cookie habit”. 😀

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