Gas Inlet Elbow Orings For A KTM 450 EXC

My KTM450exc was leaking gas from the gas inlet elbow. I took the elbow off by loosening the screw underneath the elbow. The elbow has 3 orings on it.

Finding information was tough on both forums and google.

Here is what I found via mostly…

  • The carb is an FCR so the parts are mostly the same on all bikes.
  • It cost about $75 to buy a kit that has the orings I need. That’s not gonna happen.
  • This page mentions that 1.3 x 6.3mm orings will work for the gas inlet elbow.
  • You can get reasonably priced orings at this online oring store.
  • This page shows what Oring materials work well with gas. If that link breaks look for “Fluid Compatibility Chart”

I will order and update this page to verify all this works as planned.

Update 1 – 8/21/2015:

I ordered the following…

2 x 1.3mm X 6.3mm Metric O-ring – Buna-N 70

1 x 1mm X 6mm V75 Viton O-ring Black

  • 1x6mm is probably too small but it is Vitron which everyone has been recommending.
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